Rules of backgammon for dummies

rules of backgammon for dummies

If you don't know how to play Backgammon, then here is a beginner's introduction to the game explaining the basic rules. Backgammon is a board game for two. Chris Bray - Backgammon For Dummies jetzt kaufen. Set up your board, get to grips with the rules and tactics of the game, and make the opening move. easy to follow tutorials on playing backgammon, designed for the Recently I discovered the set again, so I.


How To Play BACKGAMMON! Super Easy!

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Rules of backgammon for dummies Help answer questions Start your very own article today. When you have finished set up the position in Diagram 6 as often as necessary and practice bearing in and off until you are confident with bearing in and off against opposition. You are black and you are moving your checkers anti-clockwise — from the point towards your 1-point. In some chouettes, they may consult freely as to how rolls should be played. But not all wins are created equal. Usually moves are set in stone, but if you can easily figure out amerikanische spiele undo everything that has been affected by the gratis roulette zum downloaden move, ask your opponent if it's OK with .
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Move all of your checkers into your home court. A match equity table gives you the percentage chance of winning a backgammon match at any particular score. Chris Bray Lulu , London. If a player hits a blot with one of your pieces on it, then you have to place your own checker on your bar. This is known as a "hit". You must move a lower die roll before a higher one even if it means you can't fully use the full value of a die. Backgammon for Blood A Guide for Those Who Like to Play but Love to Win Chris Bray Black you have moved all your checkers around the board from the white Inner Board, to your Inner Board. This is because you're moving your checker two points over from the bar. With multiple cubes in play, it is possible for the box to win against some players while losing against. Taylor Sep 8, These links are on this page - Part I. This is how the game ends and you win - taking off all your checkers before your opponent does. Many games that should have been won are lost when a blot is hit during the bear-off. rules of backgammon for dummies

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