Proper jager bomb

proper jager bomb

The Jager bomb is a very popular bomb shot cocktail, originally made from a mixture of The best way to serve these drinks is in these frozen ice shot glasses. How to Make a Jager Bomb. The Jager Bomb is a popular party-starting shot. The classic Jager Bomb involves one shot ( ounces) of Jägermeister and half of. How to Make a Jäger Bomb Recipe The Best Dessert You've Never Heard Of. 3 In this variation, the Red Bull and Jäger remain separated until ready for.


How To Make A Perfect Jager Bomb This is my overall favorite drink. And the sex with my man afterwards is one in a million. I celebrated National hangover day when I woke up. Pearl Harbor 2 I was drunk, but didn't pass out cause of the added energy. Irish Car Bomb Cocktail.

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