List of the wwe champions

list of the wwe champions

Some specfics: For the purpose of this list, we looked at the cumulative days each Superstar held the championship. So every day of John. Wwe Champions Tier List for Champs and Trainers by Josh Eisbrenner on Scribd +Added Trainer Tier List to Replace Faction Feud Tier List. The World Heavyweight Championship was a professional wrestling world heavyweight championship in WWE. It was established by WWE in after WWE. list of the wwe champions

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World Championship Wrestling History Extreme Championship Wrestling WWE brand American Wrestling Association World Class Championship Wrestling Smoky Mountain Wrestling Global Wrestling Federation Georgia Championship Wrestling. Oct 22, - Feb 25, Chris Jericho, Rey Mysterio vs. WWE recognizes Batista's reign as lasting 36 days. This was the Royal Rumble match , in which Flair last eliminated Sid Justice to win the vacant title. Pedro Morales often seems like one of the forgotten WWE Champions, which is unfortunate when you consider that he held the WWE Title for nearly three years. McMahon due to interference by The Shield. Hell in a Cell. Defeated Rich Swann at the Royal Rumble. Jan 4, - Jan 24, Morales, Pedro Pedro Morales. United States Heavyweight reigns — North American Heavyweight reigns — International Heavyweight reigns —, — Canadian reigns — European reigns — This outfit für casino the first ever Elimination Chamber matchalso involving Chris JerichoBooker TRob Van Damand Kane. Archived from the original on

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