Ab soul eyes

ab soul eyes

Ab - Soul speaks on "Why he always wears Sunglasses", "Education", In this interview he reveals that. With the case of Stevens Johnson Syndrome "worsening", Ab - Soul . remember the surgery) it's just when. Here's why Ab - Soul took off his trademark glasses for the cover of his new album His eyes are hypersensitive to light but there's so much darkness in the world. ab soul eyes I just wanted to do music and let my family find out what's going on. A lot of great things happened in that time. So, I was safe. Need Ideas To Rap About! Ab-Soul suffers from Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, a condition that makes his eyes hypersensitive to light. Retrieved 12 November

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I was very, very interested in Twista at the time and how he flowed. So, I was safe. It's the same challenge every single time. Does everything happen for a reason? The door was always open, so I was able to go in and do what I needed to do at all times.


Ab-Soul - Pineal Gland (Official Video)

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