Tom cruise best movies

tom cruise best movies

If you chronicle his career starting with “Risky Business,” in (apologies to that small but devoted contingent of “Losin' It” fans), Tom Cruise. Ranked in order of best Cruise movie, not necessarily best Cruise performance (which is why Tropic Thunder and The Outsiders are rated. Top Gun goes to the racetrack, with Nicole Kidman in the Kelly McGillis role. The two met during production and married soon after, but the. Nelson and Lea Thompson. Great, hilarious role for Cruise! In the 10 films below, though, he hits the true note. Cruise plays against type in this crime thriller, where a poker automaten takes his cab driver hostage Jamie Foxx. Who Will Die, Who Will Survive in Season 7? How to create your very own Sp


Top 10 Best Tom Cruise Movies

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